Our Intention

We are the GAIA Collective, a group of artists who believe in spreading positive intention and universal compassion.

Each moon cycle, we deliver a MoonBox & host a Moon Event featuring a Full Moon Ritual + Meditation, and embrace the lessons of yoga. Our mission is to optimize the energy of our Moon, her invigorating powers, and align ourselves with her placement in the stars.
We also share & create metaphysical art of all kinds, intended to illuminate the soul and free the spirit.

We are a coalition of people who want to see Mother Earth, her children, and the Universe blossom and thrive.

Together we sow widespread seeds of spirituality & creative expression through wearable & raw crystals, art, and holistic alchemy.

We believe that creativity is a healing force that can be an inspired by connecting yourself with the art of the earth: crystals & nature.

We choose to:
We invite you to join us.

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