Zayra Mo

Zayra Mo is an energy healer, artist and communicator who founded to offer yoga, meditation, and sacred jewelry.

"I believe everyone can transform for better the health of the body, mind and more. I believe in the alternative medicine (CAM) as a must-have tool for everyday to prevent any imbalance that doesn’t give the energy to live the life with joy".

Her journey started after 16 years of a stressful job and several diseases. Zayra stepred back to study about meditation, crystal therapy, sound healing, biofeedback, yoga and personal training. As part of her divine healing journey, Zayra Mo decided to develop the social-entrepreneurship site When Zayra Mo is not designing sacred jewelry, recording music meditations with crystal singing bowls or filming her unique yoga routines in her studio in Miami, she share her work in the Art & Sound Sessions in Miami Dade College and Wynwood Art Healing.

instagram: @kacayoga