Olivia MacMillan

As a little girl, Olivia used to take the little nurse’s kit that her mother had given her and cover an elderly neighbor with Band-Aids while dispensing candy aspirin. Little did she know that sweet playtime was her first step onto the path of her destiny as a healer and teacher. Olivia had a consciousness awakening in 2010 which led her to her destiny as a Reiki practitioner of which she is a Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master.
Still not feeling finished, Olivia found her calling with aromas and went through an extensive certification program to become a Registered Clinical Aromatherapist and her affinity for all things natural led her to also seek her certification as a Crystal Healer and to become an Herbalism student. Next up for Olivia as a healer and teacher she says she wants to change the world, one balanced, self-healing spirit at a time. Olivia says her greatest joy from working with the Gaia Collective is being able to make oil blends that effect transformation within the mind, the body, and the spirit.

instagram: @cottagetraditions