Marina Garvey

I am Marina Garvey, the founder and sole creator of SimplyWrapped. As a child I was always collecting rocks. It just fascinated me with all the colors, the shapes, sizes, and textures. I started making wire wrapped jewelry at the end of March 2015. The hobby started from a phone conversation with my mother-in-law about hobbies. I have several chronic illnesses that require weekly doctors appointments and it's exhausting. This was my creative outlet and way to put positive energy back into the world.
I'm a stay at home army wife and SimplyWrapped saved me. I would spend hours and days learning new wrapping styles, studying stones, and perfecting designs; in between appointments that is. When I started my hobby it gave me a new passion for life. I befriend other artists from around the world and could socialize with them because of our interest in gems or wire wrapping. I wasn't alone anymore. I had the opportunity and I could now create beautiful unique jewelry for beautiful and unique people.
That's what I strive for, to make each piece as special as the person receiving it. The name "SimplyWrapped " is how my jewelry is presented; each piece is made to only suspend the stone, never take away from the true beauty that Mother Nature created. In such a short time SimplyWrapped became international and I have been lucky enough to share my beautiful jewelry in 5 other countries aside from the numerous states in the US. All I desire is to bring beautiful stones you can find almost anywhere, that are often over looked, into the lives of beautiful people.

instagram: @simplywrappedshop