Justin Winget

Justin is a free spirited adventurer with a deep love for nature and it's spirit. He's always been well connected with the Native American culture, as Cherokee is in his blood. This strongly influences the way he sees the world, the way he lives his life, and the way he cultivates his craft. He also feels he has a strong connection to animals. He believes that's one of the reasons he met Missy, who introduced him to crystals and the practice of yoga. However, since a young age he has always been one to craft and weave, and when he found the art of wire wrapped jewelry in 2012, he immediately fell in love. He designs his pieces in a way that is supports enhancing the beauty of the stone, and try's to allow the wire to simply accentuate that. He is here to spread the love and hopes to continue to connect with like minded individuals.

instagram: @starglazed