Cindy Son

Hi, my name is Cindy Son. I started making jewelry not only because they look gorgeous but it helped me cope through the death of the most important person in my life, my Grandmother. I lost her last September and my family did not tell me until October as to what had actually happened. She left me two things. She first off left me the ring I bought her in High School (Oh gosh that is so long ago). Now this wasn't just any ring, it was a ring my dementia ridden grandmother had tied to her waist for the last ten years. I'd love to believe it is because she wanted to remember someone special, hopefully me. I tear up every time I think of her. She then left me her crucifix. My grandmother was all about spirituality. She was my everything. I spent three months each summer with her in Korea. I played games with her and she slowly started fading.

Each piece of jewelry is either made by myself or my Mother. We both find joy and fulfillment in life making handmade pieces. Each piece can be customized to your specifications, but know that each piece is filled with more love than I can express through any language. This is the way I decided to remember my grandmother. This is the way I choose to live life, following my dreams like she always taught me. Thank you for visiting our page and thank you for taking the time to read this. Feel free to visit our Instagram for the company or even our individual ones. Thank you! Feel free to reach out whenever we would to hear from you.

instagram: @kindredsoulsjewelry