Nadia Ameri

of The Flower Apothecary

My name is Nadia Ameri and I am the founder of The Flower Apothecary. I am a Psychologist, a Certified Flower Essence Therapist, Numerologist, an avid gardener and a mom. I draw upon all of those things, as well as my intuition in the creation of The Flower Apothecary family of products. Every single bottle is made in small batches by me. I believe the hand that works with love, leaves an imprint of love. I lovingly send out these flower essences and it is my wish they work towards your highest benefit and that of the whole universe.

Flower Essence therapy has existed since ancient times. The Flower Apothecary family of products work with universally relevant themes like confidence, fearlessness, joy etc. A unique aspect of our blends is that they are preserved with USP Organic Vegetable Glycerin, as opposed to alcohol. The decision to use glycerin as a natural preservative makes our products accessible to people who avoid alcohol consumption for varying reasons.
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