Peyton Goldberg

I'm Peyton Goldberg - creator behind Dusky Jewel Apothecary, a holistic health and beauty brand which incorporates various elements of nature into each product. My love with essential oils began the moment I was introduced about 8 years ago. Right away, I was intrigued by every aspect of the oils - from the science behind them, their medicinal uses, magical uses and the overall healing that can be achieved. After taking multiple workshops focusing on essential oils, and seeing first hand how much can be done using essential oils, I became inspired to create my own recipes and blends.

I began creating custom blends for friends, family and co-workers for their various ailments, as well as constantly concocting all natural perfumes and body sprays tailored to scents they were drawn to. What started out was purely essential oil blends soon grew into infusing herbs and crystals into blends and other products. Growing up in a family of gardeners, and having herbs on hand all year, it made sense to begin to incorporate different powerful plants into each creation. In addition to the herbal components, sun and full moon charged mini crystals are added to raise the vibrations of each element. Each oil, stone and herb used all work together to achieve desired effects. Every ingredient has a special purpose, and each product is made with love and intention to ease and benefit mind, body and spirit.

instagram: @duskyjewelapothecary