Lorin Purifoy

Lorin Purifoy is the Founder and Creatrix of Purifoy Spirit Essences, a line of energetic remedies crafted from wildflowers, crystals, gemstones and trees. These energetic essences help bring emotional and energetic balance, as well as supporting you where you are presently in life. Lorin's essences are created with ceremony and intuitive guidance, always asking their permission and honoring them. The crystal and gemstone essences are created from lunar water, harnessing the earth and cosmic energies within these remedies. Lorin's journey with creating these remedies began 6 years ago while in Belize to celebrate her birthday. February marks her anniversary of this potent experience on top of a temple in the ancient city of Xunantunich.

Some ways to work with them: notice how you feel and what comes through in your dreams, use them to create sacred objects or art, meditate with them, use in ceremony or simply add to your water for the day. There's so much to learn and receive from them and she looks forward to you experiencing her Spirit Essences and creating your own relationship these Sacred Allies!

instagram: @purifoyspiritessences
facebook: PurifoyFlowerEssences

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