Taurus MoonBox Ritual and Meditation


November 14, 2016

Planet: Venus // Sign: Taurus // Element: Earth

This Full Moon in Taurus couldn't be arriving at a more perfect time. With the erratic energy of the past few weeks, we all need a little soothing sensation from our Mama Moon.

Truly, what the world needs now is to slow down and appreciate unity.

As you look up at the moon, observing the visibly largest moon we will see until 2034, remember no matter where you are on this vast planet, we are all looking at the very same moon.

Patience is key to the Taurus energy presented in this glorious Full Moon. We must welcome a steady and persistent way of being as a tool to open ourselves up to endless possibilities and potential.

Tauruses, represented by the symbol of the bull and ruled by the lovely goddess planet Venus, graze steadily while the madness of the wilderness continues on around them. There is a choice facing the bull - to stampede or to remain in harmony with the land. If we allow ourselves to tap into the latter, we have the opportunity to embody a strong and consistent force behind all that we do. This is the kind of force that is unwavering and untiring, committed to sustainable power, and crowned with grace and prestige.

Remember, this kind of strength is a privilege and an earned skill.

We must be conscious and careful to stay on course, remain rooted in compassionate empathy, and tethered to Love as our ultimate motivation for everything we do. Stay sensible, practical, responsible, yet flexible. Resist any urges for confrontation as that could lead to stale stubbornness, eradicating all progress.

Embrace the nurturing qualities of the element of Earth, stay humble, and passionate.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor and let others join you, sharing in the wealth of hard work powered by Love, always!


a guided meditation

1. Sit in silence.

Find a comfortable position, sitting up right. Notice the sounds inevitably present in silence and let them compose the silence. Resist any urge to label what you notice.

2. Soften your face.

Let the eyes close at their own pace and feel the cheeks, jaw, brow, and third eye become more spacious.

3. Bow your head to your heart.

Let your chin fall to your chest in reverence to your heart. Gently rock your head side to side. Creating a semi-circle, roll your head from shoulder to shoulder, allowing the head to linger when at either end.

4. Gently rock side to side.

Creating a semi-circle, roll your head from shoulder to shoulder, allowing the head to linger when at either end.

5. Open your throat.

As your neck muscles begin to feel more open, begin to take full circles with your head.

6. Explore an intuitive neck release.

Allow this to expand in anyway that feels right to you, releasing any stored tension, emotion, or attachments from the throat and neck.

7. Find symmetry.

Continue to do this until you feel even on both side, both hemispheres of your body.

8. Settle into even stillness.

When you are ready, slow down the movement and return to still silence, hearing only your breath.

9. Elongate the spine.

Elongate the spine. Sit as tall as you possibly can and envision space between each vertebrae.

10. Align Root with Crown.

Imagine a perfectly aligned ray of light connecting the point at the base of the spine with the very top of your head.

11. Breathe into alignment.

See this light become brighter with every breath, filling you with a channel of purity on the inhale, and cleansing away anything that no longer serves your highest being on the exhale.

Continue this process, envisioning this cleansing state bathing your being until you feel completely renewed. Thank yourself for treating yourself.

Namaste, Starseeds.

Enjoy your meditation on this cosmically unique evening marked by the spectacular grace of the ever-close moon and make promise to the Self to always remain rooted in Love & Gratitude - especially in the face of any sense of hopelessness.

Always turn the tide towards Universal Compassion & Boundless Love.



Also known as brimstone, this striking mineral is said to eliminate any dark clouds by detoxifying surrounding and/or internal energy and awakening vitality and strength. Take caution when handling this fragile naturally occurring neon stone. While not toxic itself, the minerals that compose it can be, so be mindful to wash your hands after handling. Keep out of the hands (and mouths) of children!

Source: Bolivia
Chakra: Solar Plexus


Considered a powerful stone of honest, humble, and authentic communication dedicated to harmony. Carry this stone with you as a reminder to stay patient and calm through any meeting, steering the conversation towards respectful discussion rather than conflicting confrontation.

Source: Brazil
Chakra: Throat

Yellow Jasper

Often referred to as the Stone of Contemplation, open yourself up to the peace of being present in all that you do. This is the perfect stone to keep with you as reminder of ritualistic and purposeful action, even in the most mundane of tasks.

Source: South Africa
Chakra: Solar Plexus

MoonBox Contents

Elemental Sulphur, Chrysocolla, and Yellow Jasper.

MoonSouls 'Floral Smudge'.

Ritual Radiance 'Frankincense Beauty Balm'.

Taurus Moon Tea:
California Poppy. Damiana, Ashwagandha. Holy Basil. Thyme. Melissa. Wild Cherry Bark. Chrysanthemum. Goji Berry. Blended by Fruits to the Roots

Venus Inspired Moon Oil:
Rose. Palmarosa. Cardamom. Vetiver. Vanilla. Thyme.

Wearable Gem - Freestone Handmade - Garnet Moon & Stars Earrings

'Pamper Thyself with Patience'

a Full Moon Ritual

Can you feel it, MoonBox cOMmunity? Do you notice that soft, warm, and gentle vibration of mother earth as we welcome the Full Moon in Taurus? Taurus may be represented by a bull ready to stampede, however, a balanced Taurus energy is decisive and intentional, patiently grazing away until necessary action. This Full Moon season, we are seeking to embrace an attitude that trains our inner master of Zen.

We have provided you with two products - ‘Ritual Radiance’ Frankincense Face Balm and a Floral Smudge by ‘MoonSouls’. Taurus Bulls love a good self-pampering and personal space cleanse - plus, it sets the mood for the full moon light, just right. To get your MoonBox experience started, pull out all the contents and set up your space. Integrate your crystals and use your essential oil roll-on, maybe even steep yourself a lovely cup of Taurus Full Moon tea! Make sure you have a lighter or, better yet, a match handy.

When you feel the vibe is set, go ahead and follow the instructions provided for your Frankincense Face Balm. The part of the body associated with Taurus is the throat, so as you lovingly indulge in some personal self care, massage all around the face and the throat, opening up your energy for self-expression housed in the Vishuddha (throat) Chakra.

Next, you will smudge your space. Follow the instructions found on Floral Smudge, being mindful to only gently light the tip of the dry herbs. You can blow on the bundle for extra smoke and sparingly re-light it, should it go out. This smudge will last you many, many uses if you are considerate with it… remember, a little bit goes a long way. Tame your eagerness by embodying the patient bull. To continue to inspire the awakening of your Throat Chakra in honor of this Taurian Moon, you can hum or even sing as you get deep into the corners of your home, allowing the smoke to spread, swirl, and sweep away any cobwebs, emotional or literal.

Practice grateful presence in all that you do. Be mindful of every step, thought, and move you make. Treat it like a ritual, offering yourself gratitude for even the most mundane detail of your evening. Vow to make this a long term intention for your life, seeking to always apply ritualistic, intentional awareness to simple tasks such as washing the dishes or taking out the trash. Any and all experiences are dependent upon the attitude you bring to them. Stay in positive presence, always. And don’t be surprised when you effortlessly reap the benefits of true happiness found in a consciously-crafted life!

Happy Full Moon in Taurus! May all beings everywhere be happy and free.


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