Pisces MoonBox Ritual and Meditation


September 16, 2016

Planet: Neptune // Sign: Pisces // Element: Water

Happy Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Dear MoonBox Community! We're in for a big bang of change, learning, and creating epic magic tonight, so get ready darlings...

Dreamy, fluid, spiritual and curious, the Full Moon in Pisces is a watery energy flowing like a cleansing tide over the globe. As the stars align with our Mama Moon, a new beginning is beckoned into place. The sign of pisces is represented by two spinning fish, swimming in opposite directions, as if weaving through the material and spiritual planes of existence. Like the scales that cover them, these fish are reflective and receptive of all dimensions. The truth is, all of life is a kaleidoscope of perspectives. Use this time as an opportunity to see them all, uncover your truest desires, and envision your destiny.

Dive into the inner dreams, allowing yourself to revel in the mystery, sifting beautiful illusions into a compelling reality.

The great planet Neptune rules the energy of Pisces, offering a dynamic ability to transmute the mundane into the colorful and exciting. While being rooted in reality is important and necessary, there is a balancing quality in being open to intangible inspiration. By doing so, you color the world with your aura, offering to the universal painting we all collaboratively create.

Together, we can create a masterpiece that has the strength to wipe away that which no longer serves the greater good.

See yourself like the sea creature and God Neptune, holding a powerful staff, which with one touch to the ground can send a wave-like current of inspiration across all of time and space. Never forget, you are a part of a mystical land of creatures, even if you cannot see them. Feel them, like the timeless legend of the mermaid, serving as a reminder that dreams do come true!


a guided meditation

1. Find a source of water.

Locate a space in or near your home where you can quietly sit by running water. This could be a fountain, a bathtub, a sink, or a shower. Make this space cozy and solely yours, however you see fit.

2. Be here.

Become fully present in the space, leaving behind any doubts that you've done it "right." Create the opening for your presence to become one with the present, and invite in a personal intention.

3. Find comfort.

Close your eyes and ask your body to settle into a relaxing state, welcoming in a safe space for your true Self to open up.

4. Breathe in stillness.

Take several deep breaths, continuing to calm the physical body into easeful stillness. Send the breath to any spaces of tension, and simply request that you may let go of whatever emotional issues are clogging up the body.

5. Find length & space.

Utilize the inhale as an opportunity to root down and rise up through the crown of your head. Experience the exhale as a cleansing spaciousness, offering even more internal stillness and comfort.

6. Be steady.

Stay true to this process until you feel your physical being release every ounce of gripping, surrendering into the bliss within.

7. Find center.

Observe the center column of your spine, known as the Sushumna Nadi, in Yogic Philosophy. Imagine an opening, like a ray of light, entering through the very top of your head on your inhale, and grounding down through the base of your spine on the exhale.

8. Breathe in balance.

Perform Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) - please listen to recording for full instructions.

9. Find inspiration.

Release any control of the breath, and allow yourself to receive each inhale and exhale as the body naturally wishes to receive it. Observe the natural state of balance you have uncovered.

10. Become color.

With your eyes still closed, see that ray of light radiating through your spine on your inhale, become an aura of color surrounding you, on your exhale.

11. Know Light.

Recognize that this energy that exists within you IS you. Feel the power you have to still any chaos and absorb your internal, innate bliss. Hear the running water nearby as a cleansing source, washing away everything you have let go of and leaving space for your intention to blossom under the light of the dreamy Pisces Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse.

When you're ready, chant the sacred binding sound of OM and gently blink your eyes open to a brand new world.


Peacock Ore

This glimmering raw stone ignites our ability to find alignment with inner truth and creative expression. Use this stone to inspire a piece of art, poetry, a song, or movement.

Source: Mexico
Chakra: Throat


Grounding us in reality, hematite is a magnetic field of presence and awareness. Carry this silver stone as a reminder to always be here now, for it is the only moment that is truly real.

Source: China
Chakra: Root


Known for its power to clear useless energies from all chakras while inspiring Kundalini rising energy towards the crown chakra. Embody this stone as a representation of reflective fish scales, transmuting light into inspiration.

Source: Peru
Chakra: All, especially Crown

MoonBox Contents

Peacock Ore, Hematite, and Serpentine.

Moon Body Soul Rose Petal & Lavender 'Moon Dust' Bath Soak.

A consciously collected Sea Shell for your Full Moon Ritual.

Pisces Moon Tea:
Burdock Root, Hibiscus, Fennel, Lemon Peel, Melissa, Olive Leaf, and Rose. Blended by Fruits to the Roots

Neptune inspired Aquarius Moon Oil:
Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Clary Sage, Honey Tangerine, White Ginger Lily, with Floating Mugwort.

Wearable Gem - Live Your Truth Malas - Unique Crystal Bracelets

'Create Inner Balance'

a Full Moon Ritual

Happy Full Moon in Pisces, beloved Moon Children! This is a beautifully painted season of inspiration and artful collaboration. The Piscean energy is one of spirited success and creative talent. The kind of success and talent that is contagious, in the most positive way, when balanced properly. To fully embrace this moonly season, in the last zodiac sign of the cycle, we have prepared a balancing and fluid meditation followed by a creative expression of self.

You have been provided with a gorgeous Sea Shell for your Full Moon Ritual. You will need your Shell for both your meditation and your ritual, so make sure you have it nearby throughout the evening. Begin by going through your meditative 11 Sacred Steps so to take your heart, your mind, and your spirit to an open and imaginative place. This would be the perfect time to use your Moon Dust, and perhaps even meditate while soaking in your bath.

Once you have completed your meditation, find a permanent marker, paints and a paintbrush, glitter, and/or any other art supplies you might have in your possession. Anything will do! Spend this evening, on the full moon in Pisces, decorating your shell as a representation of the creative spirit that you are. You can create a marking on the inside of the shell, or a decorative dressing on the outside - just do whatever is calling to you. Think of this as a process to ignite an inner inspiration, even if you don't normally think of yourself as a creative person. At the end of the day, no matter what, you are an epic creation as a human being and are innately creative in every sense of the word. Of course some people have more obvious talents than others, but every single person’s talent is uniquely special.

Each expression of creativity is a hidden gem in its own right and tonight, you will take this opportunity to uncover your own!

Embody and embrace the beam of colored light that you are and let that radiate through you and onto your shell! When you are finished, create a dreamy altar space with any additional crystals or earthly magic you'd like. See this altar as a calling to the balance of Ida and Pingala, the two hemispheres of your body that align your creativity with reason at each chakra point along your spine. Feel these two sides of your being meld together to create a centering feeling for righteousness and balance within your talents. Settle into the balance offered through creative expression and enjoy the ride!

With the Lunar Eclipse to boot this evening, its sure to be an exciting one of opening and awakening, enjoy!

Thank you, again, for choosing to be a part of our MoonBox Community!

We appreciate any and all feedback you have to offer. We want to encourage community and connection, because together we grow and together we heal. Don't forget to share your experience on social media using the hashtags #moonboxcOMmunity and #moonboxtribe.

Last but not least, stay tuned for a link to our MoonBox Podcast. All the information you see here, recorded as a guided meditation and ritual by our co-Founders Missy Shaw & Paula Pavlova.
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