Cancer MoonBox Ritual and Meditation


January 12, 2017

Planet: Moon // Sign: Cancer // Element: Water

Happy Full Moon in Cancer, Moon Lovers! It's time to get deep, personal, and comfortable with your own company! Considering you spend all your time with yourself, you might as well become your own best friend...

Just like the crab symbol that represents them, Cancers are deep-dwelling creatures with sensitive souls and nurturing hearts. While they may have a hard outer shell, it is merely a shield created to protect vulnerability and softness.

This zodiac sign is tied to the element of water and ruled by our powerful Mother Moon, making the Cancer Full Moon a super charged emotional journey. The characteristics that come to light here are loyalty, devotion, and learning how to tend to the kind of relationships that give you life.

With this supportive and revealing Full Moon in Cancer, become a witness to your emotions.

Notice how you feel, why you feel, where you feel, and what you feel.

Focus on what positively affects you and let that be your guide. When motivated by fear, a crab moves sideways and tends to approach situations indirectly or passively. However, when motivated by love, they will selflessly bury themselves in all that they do.

This motherly moon is asking us to pay attention to our emotional intelligence and motivational compass.

It is key to be centered in compassionately communicating at a level that allows us to stand confidently in the best version of ourselves. In so doing, we can show up as the best version of ourselves for those that mean the most to us… family, friends, and all the loved ones we hold so dear.


Tibetan Quartz sings the vibration of OM. It is very connected to the mystical vibration of our universe that we are all so deeply connected to. This stone is very powerful in meditation and is great for using in your yoga practice to help manifest your deepest intentions.

Source: Tibet
Chakra: Crown


From the vast agate family, Crazy Orb Agate is a cheerful and uplifting stone, always reminding us of the healing powers of laughter and lightness. Keep this stone nearby always and try not to take yourself too seriously! Be authentically you, in all of your crazy!

Source: Brazil
Chakra: Heart & Crown


A soft stone encouraging patient communication and compassionate energy towards the self and those that mean the most to us. Blue calcite is a friendly reminder to take care of ourselves and rest our bodies so that we may be the fullest version of ourselves to share with others.
Source: Mexico
Chakra: Throat

MoonBox Contents

Tibetan Quartz, Crazy Orb Agate, & Blue Calcite.

Gemstone Organic 'Rose Quartz Face Creme'. &

Cave & Canyon 'Seed of Life Grid'.

Cancer Moon Tea:
Dandelion Leaf, Mugwort, Black Cohosh Root, Lotus, Skullcap, Valerian Root, and Rose Petals. Blended by Fruits to the Roots

Cancer Moon Oil:
Lemongrass, Peppermint, Chamomile, Bergamot, Cedarwood, with Floating Elderberries.

Wearable Gem - Urban Mysticism - Rose Quartz, Crackle Quartz, & Hematite

'Strengthen Your Heart Strings'

a Full Moon Ritual

A ritual is a thoughtful, present process of gratitude & transformation. When practicing any ritual, the only goal is to be fully aware of every step you take without allowing the mind to wander. This is a human tendency and is likely unavoidable. Instead of being hard on yourself or giving up when you notice this tendency, kindly ask yourself to come back to the present moment. Anchor down and watch the Magic unfold!

To help stimulate this process and tie you to your natural ability to self-nurture, we've provided you with two items:

- Gemstone Organic 'Rose Quartz Face Creme'
- Cave & Canyon 'Seed of Life Grid'

In whatever order feels most natural to you, go through a facial cleansing process and apply your radiant Rose Quartz essence Face Creme generously. Feel the loving warmth of this crystal charge cover your skin and feel confident in yourself as you pull out your wooden carved Seed of Life Grid. Collect your crystals provided in the MoonBox, and add in any additional adornments that call to you. Once you feel fully present and in flow, create an arrangement on the Seed of Life, completing the Grid with your personal story.

As always, whenever you're ready, go ahead and seal in your MoonBox Experience with a guided meditation, recorded by our co-founder, Paula Pavlova. Click here to Listen.

May your evenings be Blessed with conscious creations to guide you deep into the heartstrings that bind us. We are all connected as a community of human beings and the root of that connection begins and ends with us as individuals, like an infinite loop. All the Love we take the time to offer ourself becomes the vessel of Love we have to offer to others. Strengthen the relationship with the Self, and you strengthen all strings that connect you to those you love to the most.

Enjoy this Full Moon in Cancer as a soothing and recharging opportunity to fill your well, dear Starseeds so you may always have the energy you need to share your Light.

Spread the Luna Love!

- namaste, dear MoonBox Community -

Thank you, again, for choosing to be a part of our MoonBox Community!

We appreciate any and all feedback you have to offer. We encourage community and connection, because together we grow and together we heal. Don't forget to share your experience on social media using the hashtag #moonboxcOMmunity.
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