Aries MoonBox Ritual and Meditation


October 16, 2016

Planet: Mars // Sign: Aries // Element: Fire

Well, hello Full Moon in Aries!
We have finally come face-to-face and it couldn't be illuminating!

Bright-eyed and determined, an Aries ram will look any challenge square in the face and take charge. As the first sign of the zodiac cycle, the Full Moon in Aries invites an emotional cleansing to open up to new intentions. With an ever-burning inner fire as a catalyst for your dedication, look deep within and wipe the slate clean.

Take action!

Aries is ruled by the strong and powerful energy of Mars, always pushing us to forge a path forward in the name of progress. From that place, ignite an intention powered by your ability to take charge in your life. You call the shots! The illumination of Aries in the sky is shining a light on your motivation to transform any darkness into a bright star. You can be certain that taking authority of yourself is not easy, as there are always external influences that will distract you.

Welcome the distractions as a test of your conviction.

No matter what life throws your way, like a steadfast Aries ram, keep moving forward towards the highest version of your heartfelt Self. When you fall, when you stumble, be easy on yourself and always come back to your intention.

It will never steer you wrong.


a guided meditation

1. Stare yourself deeply in the eyes.

Find a mirror of any kind and sit down somewhere comfortable where you can see yourself clearly without having to hold onto anything. Hands free, body tall and supported. Sit anyway that allows you do fully elongate your spine.

2. Look Deeply.

Look past the eyes themselves, into the layers of iris and pupil, diving fully into the gateway of your own Soul.

3. Observe depth & color.

Release any labels or words and notice how the deep sense of space and color reflects itself within you.

4. Search for meaning.

Let the feelings sink in, looking within the self for your personal truth, in this very moment. Resist the urge to attach yourself to a memory, focus on what you feel rather than what you think you know.

5. Settle on your intention.

Allow this feeling to simmer into a simple intention, perhaps noting one word on your inhale, and another on your exhale. Breathing in that which supports you, releasing that which does not. Stay on course and let the train of the mind simply roll by as you become anchored to your mantra, your intention.

6. Close your eyes.

As if you are sparking a light on from the inside, allow this internal gaze to send you even deeper within Seeing now with your third eye, your spiritual eye, your subtle body intuitive center.

7. See in dark.

Allow this gaze to fully radiate from within, noticing how truly spacious, open, receptive, and capable you are.

8. Ignite an inner flame.

Bring you attention your belly and breathe full life into it. Feel fully into your inhale, breaking it up into three parts until you're full of air from your lower belly all the way up to your collar bone. Exhale in one smooth breath as if the air were leaving through the crown of your head.

9. Illuminate your Spirit.

Continuing to breathe steadily and smoothly, find a rhythm between the inhale and exhale, like a resonating drum and see the light within become a white light aura which surrounds you.

10. Follow the light.

Cast your rays of light anywhere they would like to go. To a person, to a place, to a thing - let your intention be your guide.

11. See a Fresh Perspective.

Begin to release all practices, slowly allowing your breath to return to its natural state. Let it breathe you and notice the harmony always available within.

When you are ready, lower your chin to your chest, flutter your eyes open to ground in front of you, then slowly look up at yourself and meet your gaze once more. Offer a kind affirmation of gratitude and love for the Self, from the Self.



This is a powerfully clarifying and focusing stone, bringing us back into balance with the natural cycles of the earth. Perfect for personal transformation, Rutilated Quartz offers the perfect charge of energy to move forward with healthy habits and release that which no longer serves you.

Source: Brazil
Chakra: Root, Solar Plexus, & Crown


Known to inspire creative problem solving and mental awareness, this stone is often associated with luck, prosperity, and progress. Energetically, Aventurine is calming and opens one up to a positive outlook on the self and others.

Source: Brazil
Chakra: Heart


A peaceful and tranquil aura radiates from this stone, offering a compassionate energy of resolution to any difficult emotions lingering from the past. Ancient Romans have associated this stone with hope and good luck. Carry this stone with you to connect to inner positivity and self-love.

Source: Brazil
Chakra: Heart

MoonBox Contents

Rutilated Quartz, Aventurine, and Rose Opal.

Gypsy Soul Organics 'Gypsy Salve'.

Moon Body Soul Half Moon Konjac Face Sponge for your Full Moon Ritual.

Aries Moon Tea:
Nettle. Ashwagandha. Hawthorn. Cinnamon. Cardamom. Ginger. Yellow Dock. Pau D'arco. Catnip. Blended by Fruits to the Roots

Mars Inspired Moon Oil:
Ginger. Pine. Cypress. Sweet Marjoram. Ylang-ylang.

Wearable Gem - GiGi Stone Jewelry - Bolo Tie with Tangerine Quartz

'Uncover a Fresh Perspective'

a Full Moon Ritual

Happy Full Moon in Aries, dear MoonBox Community! Can you believe another full moon cycle has gone by?! It’s like the cosmos has had its finger on the fast-forward button as we whirled through Mercury Retrograde, only to come out safe and sound on the other end.

With the Full Moon in Aries, the first of the Zodiac signs, a sense of clarity is illuminated in all of us.

We are being asked to decipher with personal integrity and authority, what serves our emotional, physical, and even financial needs and what does not. We know sometimes it can be difficult to see clearly when looking through layers of life experiences and perceptions.

To help you open up to a new way of approaching your actions and habits, we have provided you with a ‘Half Moon Konjac Sponge’ by Moon Body Soul. This facial sponge was specifically chosen to correlate with the body part associated with Aries - the face or the head. Aries’ pitfall can be a deep rooted stubbornness and blindness that could lead to anxiety over making necessary changes in life.

Change is unavoidable, and we must learn to face it with a fresh perspective in the name of all the abundance that is possible in its wake.

As we all feel the energy of Aries by the grace of our Mama Moon, begin your MoonBox experience with this cleansing and detoxifying ritual. Konjac Root is an Asian-cultivated vegetable, which has been used for over 1,500 years as an acidity balancer due to its exfoliating qualities. This sponge is infused with Bamboo Charcoal to help reduce any inflammation in the skin, as well as tighten pores and control breakouts, often seen during times of anxiety. To mitigate any chances of becoming stuck, be fully present in the cleansing process. When you are finished you can go ahead and perform your 11 Sacred Steps of Guided Meditation, in a space where you have access to a mirror.

Do not be afraid to look deeply within on this full moon. The full moon is the most opportune time to be fully receptive to your internal and external energies. Start by looking within to understand what illuminates your spirit and what might cast a shadow instead. Take your time to discern between the two, and follow the light. The path will become clear in your mind’s eye, like the soft spotlight of the moon, gently guiding you deeper into your feeling center. In so doing, you are seeking to improve all engagements that surround you.

All relationships start with a healthy root in you, a balanced inner sense of peace and equilibrium that will trickle into all that you do.

Rid yourself of harmful habits and step into an affirmative intention to vibrate at your highest frequency. Be and do the things that escalate your being and illuminate your soul.

As the wise Buddha says, “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”

Love & Light to you on this Full Moon in Aries!

Thank you, again, for choosing to be a part of our MoonBox Community!

We appreciate any and all feedback you have to offer. We want to encourage community and connection, because together we grow and together we heal. Don't forget to share your experience on social media using the hashtags #moonboxcOMmunity and #moonboxtribe.

Last but not least, stay tuned for a link to our MoonBox Podcast. All the information you see here, recorded as a guided meditation and ritual by our co-Founders Missy Shaw & Paula Pavlova.
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