Virgo MoonBox Ritual and Meditation


February 22, 2016

Planet: Mercury // Sign: Virgo // Element: Earth
Virgo is grounded by the element of Earth while being ruled by the intellectual, communicative, and speedy planet, Mercury. The Virgo’s totem is the Virgin, or goddess. She is pure, simple, detail oriented, a maker of lists, focused, and a true lover of nature. She is represented as a goddess. Many consider the Virgo to be a powerful earth healer, passionately believing in the sustainability of our planet, Gaia.

Thanks to the power this sign offers to good planning and execution, true change can take fold under the light of this full moon. Powerful intentions can be planted and diligently tended to with the divine energy of the Goddess Virgo. Allow this time to become a positive force for motivation. Like a true Virgo would, be meticulous in your intentions. Take the time you need to define what you wish to plant in your life. Make it crystal clear and hold it in your heart as you prepare for your Full Moon Meditation & Ritual.


a guided meditation
Written by Missy Shaw

1. Create your Clearing

Begin your Sacred Steps process by first cleansing the crystals you received in your Moonbox. The idea is to release them from any past energy. Simply run them under warm water or smudge them with some sacred smoke of your choice. Imagine, in your minds eye, the root of your crystal becoming clear and pristine. Let it fill up with new light as you massage them with your tender touch.

2. Find your Sacred Space

A sacred space is simply somewhere you feel comfortable and at peace. It could be somewhere outside, under the moon, the comfort of your bedroom. Any place where distractions may dissolve and you can find some inner peace.

3. Arrange Your Crystals

Place your crystals amongst your Sacred Space in any way that feels right to you. If you already have your own collection of stones, feel free to add them here as well. Remember, each crystal has healing energies and properties that will assist you in different areas of your life. Focus on the energy you want to feel, as well as where you want to feel it as you arrange your stones. Intention is the most important part of any ritual, so think positively!

4. Enhance your Space

At this time, gather anything else you would like to add to your altar space. Maybe some candles, some imagery, flowers, pine cones, a feather. Any thing that raises the frequency of your heart and makes the space feel special to you.

5. Settle in your Seat

Make sure you are sitting comfortably amongst your Sacred Space. If you need to prop up your hips on a pillow, feel more then free. Spread your collar bones wide, relax in your shoulders, feel your sit bones begin to descend into the Earth. Tune into that feeling of how the Earth is holding you up.

6. Visualize your breath

To relax the mind begin to focus on your breath. Visualize inhaling a deep, luscious green color, like the one you would imagine in a canopy of a tree. Inhale this green color, let it spiral and swirl around your heart and your mind. You inhale it travels through you, you exhale it travels out and around you. Begin to create a smooth, steady rhythm in your breathe.

7. Tap into the Virgo Moon

Virgo is a sign represented by a goddess of the Earth. Earth is a place we all share, and keeps us deeply connected to something greater. Something of a higher power. Tuning into this united support should help one to feel grounded and sustained. Visualize earths roots holding you here in an enchanted embrace.

8. Tend to your Soil

Now knowing you are supported by this Earth, begin to tend to the parts that may be holding back your growth. Continue to inhale this fresh vibrant green, and with each exhale release any negative emotions of beliefs you may be watering. This is where the Virgo supports you. Clean out the old, reorganize the new. You are clearing out the dirtiness of non-supportive thoughts!

9. Enter the Enchantment

Now that you are relaxed and breathing steadily, begin to imagine yourself drifting deeper into this embrace of the earth. Her roots twine and twirl all around you, gracing you with the softness of her touch. Let your imagination take you to a place that might exist deep within a forest of the Earth’s green heart. There is no right or wrong, go ahead, enchant yourself.

10. Feel Magic by the Moon

When you enter that space in the heart of the Earth, begin to visualize the light of the moon shining on the two of you. Her light and radiance unites you. You begin to find lightness of being, lightness of heart. Carry this illumination with you as you go.

11. Awaken

As it feels natural and you feel complete. Gently open your eyes to see the world as you left it. Only now, you are more grounded, empowered, supported and inspired. You are spiritually strengthened because of this connection you created to the mysterious that exist around you. Goddess of Earth and Mother of Moon have left you with this gift of revitalized light. May you carry it with you always.
~Blessed be~

Leo Stones

Quartz Point

Amplifier or all energies. Quartz is the time keeper of the world and healer of our planet. Use this stone to magnify your intentions.

Source: Arkansas
Chakra: All


Mystic. Magic. Mystery. The stone of the stars. Use to connect with those mysterious realms we all dream of.

Source: Madagascar
Chakra: Third Eye & Crown


Enhances connections with friendliness and relationships with compassion. Peridot is a stone of rebirth, renewal, and repair.

Source: Pakistan
Chakra: Heart

MoonBox Contents

Quartz Point, Labradorite, & Peridot.
Purifoy 'Peridot Gemstone Essence'
Supplies for your Terrarium.
Virgo Moon Tea:
Dandelion root, fennel, ginger, hibiscus, holy basil, elderberry, licorice root, & rhodiola root.
Mercury inspired Virgo Moon Oil:
Lemongrass, rosemary, sweet marjoram, thyme, white spruce, black spruce, spearmint, & peppermint.
Full MoonBox - Opaline Sterling Silver Pendant by Marina Garvey of 'Simply Wrapped'


Ritual Directions

Written by Paula Pavlova
Before you get started with your ritual, get all of your supplies ready and set them aside. If you haven't already, find a place where you can perform your 11 Sacred Steps and bring your mind to a meditative state.

For this ritual we will create our own little worlds to represent our mother GAIA. The Virgo is a natural healer of the earth, and as such, we will make our own terrariums to represent what we wish to manifest for our environment.

Our environment has an undoubtable influence on our overall happiness. The tiniest shifts can greatly influence our emotional, physical, and spiritual state of being. Because the Virgo is so detail-oriented and meticulous, this is the perfect energy to really draw inward and find deep introspection, and begin to churn imagination into reality. A harmonious and healthy environment can only exist when there is a balanced source of energy to feed that environment.

This past September, when we had a New Moon in Virgo, there was also a partial solar eclipse. Take a moment to think back to that time. Were there any seeds, intentions, or plans you began to give attention to? If so, where are they now? If you can’t think of anything, focus on a long held dream or wish. Bring that seed, intention, plan, or whatever you want to call it, to the forefront of your mind and play it back as if you were living it for the first time. See yourself experience every bit of the moment like a brand new day, with no expectations. Be detailed and thorough. Pause and do this for as long as necessary. When you have this memory clear as a crystal, bring yourself back to the present moment and observe any changes from that initial planting back in September. Resist the urge to judge the progress, rather focus on your process. What brought you from then to now? With this in mind, begin to put together your terrarium however you find most harmonious.

We have provided you with:

- A Succulent Clipping
- A Hexagonal Jar with a lid
- Crystals & Moss

You will also need a sprinkle of soil (cactus soil will work best but any other will do). Feel free to add any additional features that suit your little world. Think about this ritual as the process of bringing something to life. Take your jar, and create layer of soil for your succulent clipping and plant it. The clipping will find little grow little pink strands and re-root itself. You can also do this in a bigger pot of your own if you would like. Add some moss, as much as you feel will support but not suffocate the growth of your succulent. Add your crystals, and any other trinkets that support the dream world you wish to bring to life. Keep the lid open as the succulent re-roots and you can re-plant it when it grows to big for this small space. When we plant an intention, we have to nurture it so that it can bloom into a manifestation. Everyday of our lives we are planting little seeds, some taking growth immediately, some taking a little longer to germinate and find root. As you put the pieces together stay conscious in the process of your ritual. When your mind begins to wander or cling to obstacles, stay focused and pure in your thoughts. Keep returning to what you are setting out to do: to manifest a harmonious environment for your deepest dreams to find roots and grow. When you feel you are satisfied with your terrarium, you can place it on a window sill or outside somewhere where it can bathe in the light of the Virgo Full Moon. Say a small blessing over your terrarium, out loud or in your head. If you can’t think of anything, simply repeat to yourself “Blessed Be.” Perhaps if you keep repeating that, something more personal will come along. Take your time, and be patient.

This Full Moon in Virgo is a perfect time to realign yourself and find a balanced trajectory for growth. There is no need to rush, you’ve got all night. After the Full Moon, you can place your terrarium anywhere you’d like (in partial sunlight) and let it shine as a representation of the environment you wish to create for yourself, your intentions, and the manifestation of your dreams. A healthy environment has a balanced positive and negative feedback loop, bringing in sustenance and shedding as necessary so to constantly seek a state of equilibrium. From this day forward when you look to this terrarium, remind yourself that in order for your seeds to take root, and find a full, healthy blossom, you must tend to them just as you would to any other living and breathing thing.


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