Co-Founder Blog Series: Paula

When did you discover the magic of GAIA?

I have been in awe of this planet ever since I can remember. When I was about 5 years old, I learned what a root was. This was my first memory of really connecting to Mother Nature or GAIA. It absolutely blew my mind! The idea was so fascinating to me as a child. Just realizing that trees, plants, flowers, grass… all planted life has these little tentacles that grasp the Earth to survive. That was what I would now call an ‘enlightening moment’ — a glimmer of understanding. I see these moments as the discoveries that end up piecing together a tapestry of your hopes, dreams, and values as a human being. I remember learning the processes of growth for a plant and feeling that there seemed to be an innate intelligence here that was beyond my comprehension as a 5 year old, and even now as an adult. To me, this awakening of knowledge represented and still represents such a peace, a tranquility, a presence that is so pure and un-fleeting. Grounded and rooted. Perfectly aligned to give and receive the magic of GAIA. Roots only collect the nutrients they need to spread their seeds, inspire new life, and supply the rest of us un-rooted folk the air we need to breathe full and sustaining breaths. To me, this was and is MAGIC. 

What inspired you to create and be a part of GAIA Collective?

Ever since that kindergarten lesson, I remember trees became some of my best friends. I’d climb them and laugh with them. I would walk through the forest in my backyard and name them lovingly. I’d cry with them when they were cut down. And as an adult, this love has only grown with every lesson nature has taught me. Everyday, I was finding more and more ways to connect to our Mother Earth. In college, with the support of an amazing tribe of people, I had another one of these enlightening moments - I learned what a crystal was. First, it was just something I found beautiful, like a piece of art offered up by the earth, as my beautiful friend & co-founder, Missy described it. But then over time, I realized it was so much more. My curiosity deepened and I began to collect every crystal that sang to my soul. I started to read about ancient rituals and ceremonies used to deepen this connection. I became in tune with the Moon, our Earth’s loyal companion that cleanses and recharges our planet with it’s every turn. I started practicing yoga, first a student, and eventually a teacher. Eventually my yoga practice caught up to my crystal collection, and vice versa, leading me to become a Yoga Teacher dedicated to illuminating the innate connection to our mother earth within each individual who comes to my class.
As I continued to gather knowledge, my collection of crystals and understanding of the metaphysical continued to grow. Over time, my best friends and I started to create art, teach workshops, and lead yoga retreats inspired by the amazing specimens, their healing powers, and the mysticism of our earth. Thus, GAIA Collective was born as a coalition of souls who connect to the art, energy, and pure presence of crystals, trees, and all of life supported by our Mother GAIA.

How do you contribute to the mission of GAIA Collective?

As a Co-Founder of GAIA Collective, I focus on outreach daily, seeking to connect with like-minded souls who believe in spreading ‘universal compassion through positive intention.’ We’ve worked with all kinds of phenomenal people who make art, alchemy, teach yoga, and/or lead their communities towards positive change in some way. We feature our collective artists, alchemists, and ambassadors in our MoonBoxes, collaborate with them on Moon events, and participate in promotional partnerships to support Earthly causes. I believe that by growing and expanding the outreach of our community, we are spreading seeds of compassion and positive intention not only to our Mother Earth, but also to each other as beings sharing life on this planet. As a member of GAIA Collective, I am an artist, a jewelry maker, a GAIA Gathering Leader, and co-writer of the MoonBox Experience. The MoonBox is the voice of our collective. Just as the Moon revolves around the Earth, we as the GAIA Collective revolve our offerings around the energy that the Moon churns upon our planet.
I am so grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to something so profound, with incredible people who inspire me daily. In the end, the mission of GAIA Collective contributes to my life more than I could ever offer in return. Working with people who appreciate the gifts of our earth as much as I do, reminds me daily that we live in an abundantly rich planet, with beautiful people who truly wish to spread that same appreciation to others. Together as a collective, we serve as an amplifier for all beings everywhere to find peace by connecting to the art of the Earth.