Leo MoonBox Ritual and Meditation


January 24th

Dear Moonbox Community,

Welcome to your January 2015 Moonbox in the courageous sign of Leo. A Full Moon that speaks to flexing the muscle of your heart and reflecting on your personal power and divine truth, which is love. To stand in love is to be courageous, and the Leo is all about reveling in this.

Leo is ruled by the element of fire. It's a sign with passion, movement, creativity, and power. It is bold, bright and expansive.

The most likable trait of the Leo is often attributed as exuberance. This only makes sense, as their ruling planet is the Sun, the most powerful planetary influence. The Sun is an enormous, burning star of intense fire supplying us with warmth, energy, and light. The way the Universe would suffer without the Sun, the world too would be less illuminated without Leo. This is because they are always looking to influence others lives in a way that's golden, glittery, and bright.

The symbol the Leo is represented by is the Lion. The lion is an animal force that dominates an entire kingdom; meaning not just animals of its own kind, but most creatures in nature. They do so by listening to their instincts, staying opinionated in their voice, reigning in their hearts, going for what they want, all while having everyone's best interest at heart. They are prideful, regal, brave and loyalb. All Leos possess a kingdom; their home, a business, a lover, friends, a creative project. Whatever it is, there is no doubt they seek dominance over this place. Holding a position of authority is not only natural for them, it is crucial.

Public image is important to Leos; what do you expect, they are kings of the jungle! Because of this they are generous, kind, openhearted, and always looking to see the good in others. The shadow side of the Leo is that they can be quick to strike back if their loved ones and peers hurt them. The lion can be aggressive, so allow time to be an invitation to control your temper and aggression - towards others, but also towards yourself.

The good news is that they are quick to forgive and very rarely hold a grudge. They see no other way if they want to maintain peace in the kingdom.

Leos make great lovers and friends because they are ruled by their hearts. They will do anything to make those around them shine, because then they are shining. They do, however, do this with an expectation of flattery, appreciation, and praise. But because they are so prideful, they will never ask for this and can sometimes suffer silently from what feels to them like a wounded ego - something to note for those who want to maintain a close relationship with a Leo.

The body correlation associated with this sign is the spine, heart, and hair. Your spine is the backbone of your body; the heart is the backbone of your life. Connecting to the two helps us connect to all other areas of the body. They both hold so much importance. Nurture your body this weekend by moving the spine in all five directions: forward bend, back bend, inversion, twist to the left, twist to the right, side stretch to the left, side stretch to the right. Feel the pulse of your heart and be tender to your hair. Feel the sweetness of being supported by your own body as you practice yoga with this pristine awareness on your spine. A little lion’s breath pranayama may be nice too. :)

The Leo is the most royal sign of the zodiac. They love all things luxurious and are born to do things in a really big way. Leo has a difficult time accepting second best. Nothing is too good for them, which can be helpful when ritualizing to refine your life. Leos walk with their heads held high, possibly because they are very connected to their manes. Their hair is important to them, often times you can tell a Leo just because of their lavish locks...


a guided meditation
Written by Paula Pavlova

1. Find a warm space of solitude.

Where do you feel you can truly be yourself without any hesitations? Where ever it is, go there. Take your time to locate or create this place for yourself. When you find it, be present with yourself, wholly.

2. Light a flame.

This can be literal or figurative. If you have a candle you like and feel it will bring a greater sense of comfort or warmth - light it. If you don't simply visualize this flame in your mind's eye like a focal point of pure love, light, and positivity.

3. Sit tall, proudly, and comfortably.

Do what you need to do to make this work! Gather pillows, blankets, or maybe even sit in a chair if that's most comfortable for you. Whatever kind of seat you've established for yourself, feel it become your throne: your personal pedestal of empowerment.

4. Internalize your graceful strength.

Resist the urge to slump into your seat, and instead focus on growing taller yet more rooted in strength with every inhale and exhale you take. Finding height and length on the in-breath; while garnering strength and durability on the out-breath.

5. Breathe deeply and fully.

Continue this process of growth and expansion through stability with each breath. See if you can begin to find a rhythm, a pace, a tempo in your breath by matching the duration of your inhale with the duration of your exhale. Create even, steady breathing to support and elevate your in your throne.

6. Ascend with every breath.

When you're ready, close your eyes and imagine you begin to rise. You leave the comfort of your seat and start to float towards the stars. If you feel any doubts or fears, remind yourself that you have built all the strength you need for this journey and continue to soar.

7. Release the ego.

With every inch you climb, a greater sense of weightlessness begins to settle in as you shed and release the grasp of the ego. Allow yourself to let go of your earthly attachments, whatever they may be, and begin to ascend towards the sun like a commit propelled by a flame of light.

8. Radiate love.

When you get to that absolute state of weightlessness, which may last but a mere moment (so pay attention!), thank yourself. A simple thank you is such a powerful expression of love, and very rarely do we offer it to ourselves. Recognize this deep love within yourself and have gratitude for each and every breath, step, and fall that lead you RIGHT HERE. Gratitude is pure, radiating love.

9. Absorb the positivity.

Slowly start to come back down, returning to your sense of strength to descend back to your seat with control. Just be, feel, absorb all that you have experienced through the release of the ego, and the welcoming of courageous and graceful strength.

10. Raise your vibration.

When you touch down, don't forget how expansive your universe can be when you allow your imagination to ascend to the heavens and beyond. Einstein said, "Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions." With each breath, remind yourself that you are your dreams, and your dreams have every right to become your reality.

11. Trust your ever-graceful strength.

Carrying that sense of lightness with you back to earth, feel it recharge you like a gentle push to (re)steer you towards the best version of yourself. And if and when you fall again, remember to remind yourself to TRUST even your failures, for they lead to mastery. Trust your process, your strength, your willingness to gracefully let go of that which does not serve you on your path and courageously persevere in the way of the joy. Take this freshly found regal pride and self-love with you as you prepare yourself for your Full Moon Ritual, led by my soul sister, Missy Shaw.
~Blessed be~

Leo Stones

White Topaz

Inspires the spirit to forgive, seek truth, and manifest dreams. Carry this stone with you during this full moon to help you mend bridges and move mountains.

Source: Nigeria
Chakra: Crown

Blue Tigers Eye

Guides in intuition and unlocks unconscious creativity. Allow this stone to rest on your third eye for some time, and see where your imagination may take you.

Source: Africa
Chakra: Throat & Third Eye


Supports compassionate leadership and releases fears or doubts. A true leader is fearless, loyal, and steadfast. Keep this stone close as you channel your heart-guidance, it will never steer you wrong.

Source: Asia
Chakra: Sacral & Heart

MoonBox Contents

White Topaz, Blue Tigers Eye, Sunstone.
'Herbal Honesty' Holistic Hair Serum.
A Coconut Oil and Flower Petal hair mask.
Star Anise.
Leo Moon Oil:
Frankincense, myrrh, anise, cinnamon, ylang ylang.
Full MoonBox - 14K Gold Pyrite Kitten Ring by Margot Albert of 'Silicate Sister'

'Loving Your Locks with Flowers in Your Hair'

Ritual Directions

Written by Missy Shaw
Yogastrology ©

For this Ritual we will be doing something to revitalize our hair and scalp. Think of that ‘new sense of self feel’ after you get your hair done… there is just something rewarding about taking special steps to honor your locks. And what could be more magical and whimsical than doing so with flowers in your hair.

You will need:
- The plastic jar containing your flower petal hair mask
- Warm running water
- A hot warm towel to wrap your hair in
- Featured Item Hair Serum

I would begin by prepping your space using your 11 Sacred Steps. You will then take your plastic jar, keep it closed and hold it under some warm running water. This is going to allow the coconut oil to melt. Once it has reached a liquid consistency, pour it over your hair (I find it is easier to apply to wet hair, but totally up to you). Spread it all around, focusing on the parts of your hair that may feel more damaged or dry. Do so in a loving way that makes you feel like the king/queen you are. Then take your hot, wet towel and wrap your hair up the way you do when you get out of the shower.

Go back to your meditative space you set up and spend a few moments there in peace and tranquility. You may call to your ability to lead others around you to a positive life, positive mind. To do this you must start with yourself.
Channel a reset.
Breathe deep and soak in all the light that surrounds you under this full moon. You may even gaze at the flame of a candle, to bring some of that bold, passionate energy of a fire sign into your heart.

Once you have sat and meditated for 10-15 minutes, rinse your hair and your body. This hair mask is created with coconut oil, local organic honey, and different flower essences that will repair, moisturize, and give your hair a golden glow. Hopefully this makes you feel cleansed and renewed. The featured item hair serum can be applied after your hair mask, or at any time during this next moon cycle that you would like to re-channel this heart-felt Leo vibe. May you continue to pounce on finding compassion within your kingdOm.

Leos walk with a lot of pride and courage and with their heads held high. Honor your gifts and let your heart song roar! I hope that you remember to love yourself, trust yourself, and believe in yourself.

Full moon blessings!

Thank you, again, for choosing to be a part of our MoonBox Community!

We appreciate any and all feedback you have to offer. We want to encourage community and connection, because together we grow and together we heal. Don't forget to share your experience on social media using the hashtags #moonboxcOMmunity and #moonboxtribe.

Last but not least, stay tuned for a link to our MoonBox Podcast. All the information you see here, recorded as a guided meditation and ritual by our co-Founders Missy Shaw & Paula Pavlova.
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