Scorpio MoonBox Ritual and Meditation


April 21/22, 2016

Planet: Pluto // Sign: Scorpio // Element: Water

This particular full moon is represented by the sign of Scorpio - a potently healing sign if you allow it. Like the creatures they represent, Scorpios are not afraid to lurk in the dark, shadowy parts of the Self. This exploration allows us to discover and better understand our fears. The truth is, there is boundless magic just beyond the grasp of our fears. And while the Scorpio moon will bring awareness to our shadows, it is up to us to transmute their cast of darkness into rays of light. There is nothing more healing than transforming fear into love or darkness into light. The fearful parts within ourselves is what blocks us from understanding our truest desires in life.
Scorpios are deep, like the cave dwelling creatures that are their muse. You can expect this time to be intense, emotional, and mysterious, yet soulful. Represented by the dark planet Pluto, and cooling element of water, Scorpios can be harsh at first, yet deeply romantic at the same time. Water is the element of sensuality, but it can only be expressed when it is allowed to flow freely, beyond the fears.
Ask yourself... What do you want to feel? What do you deserve? What do you want from this life? What comes up from the deep layers of our heart caves?

Don't be afraid to go inward.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.


a guided meditation

1. Play music.

Whatever kind of music you find inspiring, uplifting, and enlightening to your spirit. It can even be your favorite song on repeat. Everyone has that song or tune that makes your spirit rise. Go ahead and play yours.

2. Take several deep breaths.

Music has an innate quality of connecting with the Sacral and Throat Chakras. Let the music flow through your creative energy, observing the breath as it flows in through your nose and throat, and down towards your hips on your inhale. As you exhale, image your head is like a chimney, releasing heat from the top of your head.

3. Release your jaw & neck.

Let your chin fall heavy to your chest and gently roll you neck from side to side, letting yourself linger when either ear aligns with either shoulder. Connect this movement to your breath. Inhale, as you let your head rock to to the right and hold for a moment as you exhale there. Take another inhale as you let your head rock to the left, and again, take an exhale there.

4. Close your eyes.

Continue to move gently, extending the opposite arm away from the direction of your head. Begin to let the swaying motion cascade down your body, continuing to linking your movement to your breath.

5. Look deep within.

Imagine the space within you like an infinite dance between color and light. Let the breath animate your movement so much so that you see yourself painting with your body as it finds union with your breathing.

6. Relax your hips.

Really allow the movement to seep into your body, awakening the Sacral Chakra and all the space around your hips. Allow the movement to become intuitive and full, expressing yourself without any boundaries or hesitations.

7. Move from the heart.

Dance with your soul. Feel with your intuition. Ignite a heart-felt intention. Continue this process until you have completely submitted all doubts or fears to the vibrational healing energy of sound and breath.

8. Make it meditative.

Let it all seep in, continuing to return to your breath, and allowing it to always guide your movement. Accept that this is challenging and be easy on yourself. To meditate is to keep returning home to the balance found in your living, breathing body and allowing that to cleanse the mind.

9. Flow like water.

Feel the energy you are creating with perfect fluidity, seeking to iron out any wrinkles in your physical and spiritual space. Embody a sense of smoothness in your movement. As you're ready, release all control and let your body move exactly how it wants to until it naturally finds stillness.

10. Shake of your fears.

Once you have come to a complete stop extend your arms in either direction, stretch them out and give them a good shake, as if you were trying to dry them off. Let that happen through your legs as well, shedding any negative energies that may have been clinging on relentlessly. Return to stillness, standing tall or taking a seat if you would like. However you chose to be, feel your heart become wide and your spine become long.

11. Radiate your light.

Draw your palms together at your heart and imagine all of your love & compassion for yourself, and others, collecting like a radiating orb of light behind your heart. Responsibly and consciously, direct that light towards the people you love most, the experiences you wish to inspire, and the energy you wish to share with the world. Rather than letting it leak out, let it shimmer like a mist of your essence, offering beauty to the world while nurturing the source from which it comes, your Self.
~Blessed be~

Scorpio Stones

Red Mica

Protects from negative energies and stabilizes eratic emotions. Aids in centering and calming one before sleep.

Source: Canada
Chakra: Root & Sacral

Citrine Calcite

Promotes optimism in all endeavors and awakens abundance from within. Carry this crystal as a motivator and amplifier of your truest desires.

Source: Brazil
Chakra: Solar Plexus

Blue Kyanite

Mitigates fear or anger while encouraging one to speak and hear truth. This stone will help you think before you speak and hopefully feel before you act.

Source: China
Chakra: Throat

MoonBox Contents

Red Mica, Citrine Calcite, Blue Kyanite.
Well-Scent "Over The Moon" Endocrine Support and Sacred Attar
Jade Polished Heart for your Full Moon Ritual.
Libra Moon Tea:
Catnip, Elderberry, Nettle, Wormwood, Damiana, Wild Lettuce, Skullcap, Hibiscus, Rooibos.
Venus inspired Libra Moon Oil:
Frankincense, Sweet Orange, Black Pepper, Ravensara, Ylang Ylang, Rosewood.
Wearable Gem - kAca Yoga Meditation Kit - Amethyst & Moonstone Mala Necklace

'Shake Off the Shadows'

a Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Blessings, Luna Lovers! As Scorpio sweeps its way into our sky, carrying the Full Moon in it’s stars, we here on Planet Gaia will be basking in a cast of shadows, revealing our personal sparks of Light. We all have baggage we carry around, and last full moon in Libra, we were ask to clear it out. With this, we created the space for newness and change, which can be unsettling and bring up parts our lives that might feel challenging or difficult - hence the shadows we see now. And while it will be trying, it is through understanding our shadows that we can crack open the source of our light. The energy of this powerful ‘Pink Moon’ can be mystifying and dizzying, so together we will dance into the night and shake off the shadows so we may step into the Light.
The purpose of this Full Moon Ritual is to bring the deepest layers of our creative energy to the surface, awakening the Shakti from within. We have provided you with a polished heart shaped Jade. Before you begin your evening’s celebrations, place this heart somewhere nearby. As always, begin by going through your meditative 11 Sacred Steps. Once you’ve fully experienced that rising energy found in meditative movement, take a hold of your Jade heart massager and hold it in your left hand for some time. Use the edge of the polished Jade to massage your jaw, from above the ear all the way down the jaw line. Your jaw tension is a direct correlation to your hip tension, and the area of the body correlated to Scorpio is the pelvis, hips, and genitals. By releasing the space around your jaw and neck, you’re asking your unconscious creativity, housed in your Throat Chakra, to unlock and manifest through your Sacral Chakra, your conscious creativity. You can even begin to massage the inner forearms, the outsides of the upper arms, the outsides of the legs, and anywhere that calls to you with the edge of this Jade stone. Jade is known to increase and promote healthy circulation as well as calm the mind of any anxieties so that the body can become more receptive to the voice of the soul or spirit.
Allow this magical process to help you break down the walls that stand between you and your most sparkly self. By massaging the contours of the body, imagine as if the outlines could fade, letting your inner light out into the world brightly, as you begin to let your body move intuitively, once again.
Dance yourself alive with the motion of your breath. Transmute the cast of shadow into brilliant rays of light, cascading through your space like moonlight radiating from within. Shine as bright as you truly are, under this glorious Scorpio, pink moon!

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